Bigin Excursions - Fantastic Fort Lauderdale Tours

Big in Excursions, a key player in the travel and tourism industry, bring to travel enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the diverse facets of Florida on the Fort Lauderdale Tours. Be it the fascinating Jungle Queen Boat Tour or the adventurous Billie Swamp Safari, the tours cater to the travel ideas of every vacationer.

Enjoy the exotic Jungle Queen Dinner Cruise and get a unique glimpse of Fort Lauderdale as you sail along the New River. The magical riverboat takes you on the ride of a lifetime complete with a scrumptious buffet dinner on a private island. Get ready for a pleasant evening as the cruiser departs from the Bahia Mar Docks to take you to a beautiful tropical island getaway.

Adventurers can opt for the Billie Swamp Safari to view wildlife in a natural environment. Take your family for a fun-filled experience on the Airboat Trail to meet the alligators, turtles, fish, birds, raccoons, and other species. Get on the Swamp Buggy Eco-Tour to see the water buffalo, bison, wild pigs, and ostriches, in their natural habitat. You can also catch the amazing daily shows.

Big in Excursions offers you a way to enjoy the beauties of Fort Lauderdale and the adjoining areas in a way that suits your tastes and preferences. Be it a romantic dinner on the Jungle Queen Boat Tour or a fun-filled trip on the Billie Swamp Safari, you can enjoy the attractions and experience the activities of Fort Lauderdale the way you wish for.

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